Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Questions on stoppage at Hunterston B

Information requested and released

On 4 April 2014, you initially asked for:

Safety case report on the Hunterston B justifying its return to service tomorrow after its recent stoppage

On 7th April we replied, explaining that there are three types of outage for the reactors: Statutory outages, Interim Outages, and Incidental events. For Hunterston B, we gave you the information on the most recent statutory outages (R3 in 2012 and R4 in 2011). There has been an interim outage on R3 this year, but the return to service after an interim outage is not permissioned by ONR. Consequently, we looked at the results of the graphite inspections, but we did not prepare an assessment report, because no safety case report was needed, so on 7 April you replied:

OK so there is no formal document on the recent restart. What can we deduce from that? Is there no record kept of how the graphite had changed within the last two years?

Yes, there is a record of how the graphite had changed within the last two years, but it is held by the licensee. However, ONR engaged in regular correspondence with the licensee over this issue. A number of emails and other documents detailing this correspondence have been identified. They have been copied into a single document, which is attached to the email.

Personal information has been withheld using the exception in Regulation 13 EIR.

Exemptions applied

Reg 13 - Personal Information.

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