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Various questions on senior managers in the nuclear industry

Information requested

  1. How are senior managers in the nuclear industry screened and selected for their roles?
  2. Is the same process used for SLC and PBO senior managers? If not, please clarify the difference?
  3. To what independent body are senior mangers in the nuclear industry accountable for their conduct?
  4. Is this body responsible for monitoring the conduct of senior managers during their appointment in lead roles on or in support of nuclear licensed sites? If not, please specify which body undertakes this function.
  5. Please provide the constitution and terms for reference for these bodies, along with their contact details and website address.

Information released

ONR does not hold this specific information, however ONR can advise that all personnel working on a nuclear licensed site are subject to the requirements of the nuclear site licence and the conditions attached to that licence. This would include any secondees from a PBO who are working for the licensee.

The licence conditions require, amongst other things, that persons who have responsibility for any operations which may affect safety are suitably trained in accordance with the arrangements made by the licensee (Licence Condition 10).

In addition, persons who perform any duties which may affect the safety of operations on the site or any other duties assigned by or under the licence conditions, or arrangements required under the conditions, shall be suitably qualified and experienced, in accordance with the arrangements made by the licensee. (Licence Condition 12). LC 12 also provides, in appropriate cases, for the appointment of duly authorised persons to control and supervise operations which may affect plant safety.

ONR's Technical Inspection Guides (TIGs) provide guidance on licence condition requirements and are published on our internet. T/AST/027 specifically addresses "Training and Assuring Personnel Competence", which includes LC10 and 12.

There is no independent body to whom senior management are accountable for their conduct. However, as in all cases where a PBO exists, the PBO itself may exercise strategic oversight. In the case of Directors, these are usually appointed by the Company Chair or the Managing Director.

Whilst the licensee has the responsibility for safety on the licensed site, ONR undertakes a number of regulatory activities which includes scrutiny, advice, influence and challenge, both in respect of licence condition arrangement adequacy and compliance of the licensee with those arrangements, as well as other important areas in accordance with the Safety Assessment Principles.

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