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A copy of any public documents highlighting the proposed construction of Hinkley C

Information released

ONR has conducted a Generic Design Assessment (GDA) of the UKEPR, the type of reactor which is proposed for Hinkley Point C (HPC). All ONR assessments associated with the GDA have been made publically available on our website ( ).

Since that time NNB Generation Company (NNB) has produced a site specific safety case for HPC known as PCSR 2012. PCSR 2012 is part of a staged process for the production of a final Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR) for HPC.

ONR are currently assessing PCSR 2012 and our assessment is not yet complete. However we intend to place our assessment on our website around Easter 2014 when it will be complete.

The proposed timetable for the construction of HPC is a matter for NNB and I suggest you write to them for details. Under the Nuclear Site Licence they are required to put in place adequate arrangements for evaluating their Construction. As the regulator we intend to require NNB to seek our Consent before they begin nuclear safety related construction. Before we grant that consent we will inspect NNB's arrangements to ensure we are satisfied. This will include an inspection of any committees or bodies that NNB set up to evaluate the construction plans. Clearly the timescales for this work will depend on NNB's intentions. We have not yet worked out the detail or timeline of our interventions but they will be targeted, proportionate and transparent.

Can I also urge you to look at our web site to see the executive summaries of all our interventions at HPC to date.

Licensing Nuclear Installations, sets out the approach that ONR takes to licensing new nuclear installations and the responsibilities of the licensee. ONR does not prescribe the technology or arrangements that the licensee wishes to use, rather we advise them that it is the licensee's responsibility to substantiate the safety of "the plant, activity, operation or modification in question" (para 21).

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