Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Treatment of ILW as referenced in Report to AWE LLC

Information released

You asked us for the following information:

I should be grateful if you would provide me with copies of information which I believe is held by the Office for Nuclear Regulation relating to structural degradation of buildings at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). The matter is raised in the Q3 ONR report to the Atomic Weapons Establishment Local Liaison Committee (Treatment of Intermediate Level Waste - paragraph 2.2.4). I should be grateful if you would provide me with the following information relating to the report and the issues it covers:

We are sending you 14 documents as follows:

* On page 2 of the attached information there is a reference to "sea dump" drums that we think merits clarification. This reference is to the type of package within which some waste is currently stored. Sea dumping has not been at any time an option under consideration

Unfortunately, these documents are too large to send via email, could you please provide a postal address and we will arrange to send the hard copies out to you by post.

Document 1 and Document 14 contain items of relevant text extracted from larger reports, as the majority of the original full reports were not within the scope of your request.

NBThe 14 documents referred toin this response, were unavailable as electronic copies and were sent out as hard copies in the post.

Exemptions applied

Reg 13 Personal Information, this is an absolute exemption and not subject to the Public Interest Test.

Reg 12(5) (a) - international relations, defence, national security or public safety.

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable

Factors for disclosure Reg 12(5)(a)

Issues related to the nuclear industry are subject to close scrutiny and debate, there is public interest in information related to nuclear activities and the release of such information.

Factors for withholding

Disclosure could have an adverse impact on security or safety. With regard to the release of information that could aid the commission of a malicious act, the public would not expect ONR to release information that would aid such an act.


The balance is clearly in favour of limiting the potential for a malicious act. It is not in the public interest in this instance for a full release of Classified Information that could prejudice national security and help in the commission of a malicious act, so it would favour prudence by not releasing this information.