Office for Nuclear Regulation

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HSE decision on the adequacy of the Periodic Safety Review for the Chapelcross Defueling and decommissioning site

HSE's NII has completed its Periodic Safety Review (PSR) assessment for the Chapelcross Defueling and decommissioning site undertaken by the nuclear site licensee, Magnox North Limited.

PSRs are required to be undertaken by each nuclear licensee every ten years. These reviews look into safety at a site, taking into account factors including operational history, ageing factor and planned future operations. Improvements in safety that had already been made at the Chapelcross site as well as a follow-up programme of work agreed with Magnox North Limited were both considered in the review.

The main elements of the follow-up programme, which forms part of normal regulatory intervention, are maintenance of satisfactory progress on continuing improvements; and demonstrating continued satisfactory results from the regular test and inspection programme that underpins the normal Defueling and decommissioning operations on the site.

On completion of assessment of the PSR, NII has concluded that there is an appropriate basis to allow Magnox North Limited Chapelcross site Defueling and decommissioning operations to continue till 31st March 2019, if safety performance is satisfactory, and the follow-up programme of work is completed.

NII has issued the decision letter to the Chapelcross Site director.