Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Clifford Shanbury - Current register of interests

1 Companies, partnerships, trusts or other bodies of which you are a paid employee. Celus Holdings Limited
2 Companies and organisations in which you or your family or close associates:  
  a) has/have a controlling interest, or None
  b) is/ are a Director or Partner, or Director of Celus Holdings Ltd
  c) has/have shares or securities with a nominal value of more than £25,000 or one hundredth of the total issues share capital, and None
  d) could be involved in the supply of goods or services to, or have business dealings with ONR  
3 Non-profit making organisations (e.g.  charities, housing associations) where you or your  close family are Trustees, or on the Committee of Management or other controlling body and which might receive grants, carry out activities designed to promote or develop the organisation, or have other significant dealings with ONR None
4 Any land or property in which a member has a direct interest and is clearly within ONR's sphere of activities. None
5 Membership of local authorities, health authorities and trusts, the Magistrates Bench, and relevant voluntary sector bodies. None
6 Other