Office for Nuclear Regulation

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HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate

Relicensing the Atomic Weapons Establishment Sites to AWE plc

ANNEX 1: Appendix 2


  1. The licensee shall make and implement adequate arrangements to control any change to its organisational structure or resources which may affect safety.
  2. The licensee shall submit to the Executive for approval such part or parts of the aforesaid arrangements as the Executive may specify.
  3. The licensee shall ensure that once approved no alteration or amendment is made to the approved arrangements unless the Executive has approved such alteration or amendment.
  4. The aforesaid arrangements shall provide for the classification of changes to the organisational structure or resources according to their safety significance. The arrangements shall include a requirement for the provision of adequate documentation to justify the safety of any proposed change and shall where appropriate provide for the submission of such documentation to the Executive.
  5. The licensee shall if so directed by the Executive halt the change to its organisational structure or resources and the licensee shall not recommence such change without the consent of the Executive.